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Warm and Inviting

Bentley’s Studio has such a warm and inviting atmosphere!  It is a wonderful place to learn new skills and to develop an understanding of the process  of creating pottery.  The Bentleys are knowledgeable and friendly, and Christin does a wonderful job teaching her students the skills needed to create beautiful works of art using clay.

– Rachel

Knowledge on building, tools and technique

After working with you over the weekend, you sent me home with a cutting board we built together, two tools that I still use excessively, a plethora of knowledge on building, tools and technique, and a happiness that I haven’t known in a very long time.  I felt like a child on his first bicycle.

– Cody

Welcome to the Family

Bentley’s Studio is a place where not only woodworking and ceramics come together, but people do too. It was founded to carry on the legacy of Pat Bentley, a woman who truly believed in the power of connecting through the arts. At Bentley’s Studio, you can build something you’re proud of, whether it’s a ceramic art piece or a stronger community.


Measure. Cut. Shape. Join.

The Woodworker

Having taught Industrial Arts for 33 years, Bill Bentley is a master at quality woodworking. Whatever you want to learn, Bill can teach, from building an Adirondack chair to fabricating and finishing an ornate cutting board. His goal is to create functional art that lasts and to teach others the joy of building things together.

Form. Throw. Shape. Fire.

The Potter

With a studio arts education, Christin has been working with clay for over a decade and has educated people of all ages in the arts. She relishes in creating unique, quality pieces that bring a splash of creativity and fun into her community. At the studio, Christin teaches pottery lessons for beginners and the experienced alike.

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